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Criminal lawyer - Baruch Geda Adv.

עורך דין ברוך גדע - משפט פלילי

Adv. Baruch Geda specializes in advising, accompanying and representing suspects and defendants in various criminal proceedings and with varying degrees of severity.


The firm provides its clients with professional guidance at all stages of the criminal proceedings - from counseling before a police investigation, through representation in detention proceedings, case management in the court of first instance and on appeal. 


Apart from representing suspects and defendants, our office accompanies victims of crime with great sensitivity and uncompromising professionalism.


Adv. Baruch Geda specialized in the Haifa District Attorney's Office and is a member of the Haifa District Criminal Affairs Committee.


Adv. Baruch Geda runs the firm knowing that a citizen's encounter with the law enforcement system is not a simple event for him and his family, especially when it comes to a citizen who has a normative lifestyle and this is his first encounter with the law enforcement system.


The firm emphasizes personal approach to the client that is expressed in the client's participation throughout all stages of case management while emphasizing professionalism, thoroughness, courteous service and out-of-the-box legal thinking.

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